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Nar Mataron were formed in the middle of 1994 from Lord Alatoth as a side project.The purpose of the band was to spread the glory of the Ancient Hellenic history in the same time where only Nar Mataron and Kawir were existed.

The band with the help of Count Samas and Emperor Palmist entered the studio and recorded the legendary "Tales of the 12 Gods" which was released through Melancholy promotion.

The demo recieved good reviews so the band decided to release another demo this time with the help of Unblessesed II on guitars.the second demo was called "Awaikening of the ancient Greece".

Again the band recieved good reviews and this had as result for Nar Mataron to participate to the Bathory-tribute covering the song "Equimathorn".

After that two of the ex-members of Nar Mataron (Morpheas and Kaiadas) try to steal the band's reputation by stealing 3 of the band's songs without permission of Lord Alatoth by using them in their first cd and by only changing one letter so that all the people who knew Nar Mataron thought that Naer and Nar are the same thing.

In the beggining of 1999 Lord Alatoth with the help of Priest Necros recorded 2 new songs for promotional reasons and the band signed to In Vision Musik for the release of a split cd along with Vorphalack and for the next full release of Nar Mataron in the beggining of 2000.

The side of Nar Mataron in the split cd will contains 4 songs that had been inspired from the ancient Hellenic tradition and mythology.